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After much consideration, I’ve decided not to reopen Angels of Gotham. Why, you ask? It isn’t because of some people- I’m more likely to open it and make it a success to spite them- rather it’s my real life. Right now it’s really stressful as I deal with family health issues, my own health issues, possible moving and a dismal romantic life. It’s just too much to deal with when you add on admining a site mostly or completely by myself.

And, yes, it’s hard to keep going without Lizzy.

We do still have our Discord and I don’t plan to delete the server. We can chat together and make connections there, and if I do decide to reopen the game, that’ll be where I tell everybody. I’d love to keep talking with everyone, maybe even do some private rping where there’s little to no chance of stress or drama.

Thank you all, it’s been a lot of fun. Peace.

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