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On June 30th, we lost one of our core members due to complications related to a car accident. Lizzy was one of the people that helped Angels of Gotham be what it was. Though she wasn’t as active as she wanted to be towards the end of her life, she loved our game and loved the rich characters and relationships they had.

Losing her has been a serious blow and I’ve been very close to closing Angels of Gotham for good. But, the truth is that I love this game and so do several members.

So, we’ve decided to do a bit of a reboot! You can still chat with us, but we’re actually working on a new board so we can start the reboot fresh. So, feel free to chat us up on Discord or hit us up in the c-box. For the time being, we have it (though we plan to do away with it all together in lieu of the popularity of DIscord).

Keep up to date with us here or on Discord to find out how the reboot is coming along!

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